The favorite food of all children is the food prepared by their own mother. We bring the local delicacies that is cooked completely handmade and produced naturally to your tables on behalf of all our women who do not only give us a plate of food, but also serve it by adding her love into it with our women employees that appreciate the value of Anatolian lands.

As you know, we will re-establish our business, which we lost in the earthquake disaster on February 6, in Ankara. While working with the aim of maintaining our presence in a brand new geography, we are establishing our new team with the participation of our citizens who came to Ankara from the earthquake regions. We believe that we will bloom again, hand in hand to produce, share and heal together.

We are forming our team together with our citizens who have fallen apart from our beautiful Antakya, which unites civilizations, and who want to join us to rise up again and we are getting ready to present the local flavors of our lands to you once again in Ankara with the unifying power of our country.

+90 531 464 76 85

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